Equipment & Instruments

Equipment Class I

Training: not required by TRLab
Assessment: not required by TRLab

Equipment Class IApplications
Computer – FlowJoData Analysis
Computer – Image AnalysisData Analysis
Cell – Cytospin 4Sample Processing
Qiagen TissueLyser IISample Processing
Cell – Countess II FLCell and Immunobiology
Gel Imager – Bio-Rad ChemiDoc TouchImaging
Gel Imager – iBright FL1000Imaging
Plate Reader – BioTek Epoch 2Molecular Analysis
Plate Reader – BioTek Synergy HTXMolecular Analysis
Plate Reader – BioTek Synergy H1Molecular Analysis
Electoporator – Bio-Rad Gene Pulser MxcellMolecular Biology
Electoporator – Bio-Rad Gene Pulser XcellMolecular Biology
NanoDrop OneMolecular Biology
Qubit 3.0 FluorometerMolecular Biology

Equipment Class II

Training: required—trainer must be a TRLab independent user
Assessment: required—trainer must be a TRLab independent user

Equipment Class IIApplications
Automated – Assist Plus Pipetting RobotSample Processing
Automated – Kingfisher Duo PrimeSample Processing
Centrifuges – High SpeedSample Processing
Centrifuges – Low SpeedSample Processing
Centrifuges – UltraSample Processing
Immunoassay – MSD Sector Imager 2400Cell and Immunobiology
Seahorse XFe96Cell and Immunobiology
Seahorse XFpCell and Immunobiology
Illumina MiSeq NGSDNA/RNA Sequencing
Single-Cell – BD Rhapsody ExpressDNA/RNA Sequencing
Histology – Microm E350Histology
Histology – Microm HM310 Rotary MicrotomeHistology
Histology – Microm HM525 CryostatHistology
BioTek Cytation 5 HTSImaging
Microscope – Zeiss Axio Scope.A1Imaging
Microscope – Echo RevolveImaging
Microscope – Zeiss LSM 880Imaging
NMR – Oxford AS400Molecular Analysis
Plate Reader – Wyatt DynaPro DLSMolecular Analysis
Perkin Elmer DSC 8500Molecular Analysis
Scintillation Counter – Hidex 300SLMolecular Analysis
Spectrometer – Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluorolog-3Molecular Analysis
Spectrometer – Jasco J-815 CDMolecular Analysis
Spectrometer – Hitachi F-2500 FluorescenceMolecular Analysis
Automated – 4200 TapeStation ElectrophoresisMolecular Biology
Automated – Bio-Rad Experion ElectrophoresisMolecular Biology
PCR – Bio-Rad MyCyclerMolecular Biology
qPCR – 7900HT FastMolecular Biology
qPCR – QuantStudio™ 12K FlexMolecular Biology

Equipment Class III

Training: required—trainer must be a TRLab certified superuser
Assessment: required—TRLab staff assessment required for this equipment class

Equipment Class IIIApplications
Flow Cytometer – BD Aria FusionCell and Immunobiology
Flow Cytometer – BD Fortessa X20Cell and Immunobiology
Flow Cytometer – BD LSR II Flow CytometerCell and Immunobiology
Histology – Microm STP 120 Tissue ProcessorHistology
Histology – Tissue Slide Auto-StainerHistology
Immunoassay – Bio-Rad Bio-Plex LuminexCell and Immunobiology
Animal Imager – IVIS Lumina Series IIIImaging
qPCR – Open Array Accufill (Microarray)Molecular Biology