Histology Lab

USC Mann Histology Laboratory, located in room B6 (basement level) of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Center, is ready to help you with your histology and pathology research needs. We provide services on tissue processing, sectioning and staining. Expert advice is available concerning staining techniques and the interpretation of microscopic images. The cryostat and microtome are also available for use by reservation only (see Scheduling).


The USC Mann Histology Laboratory provides a variety of services. To schedule for services, please contact Gabriela Lopez at TRLabCore@usc.edu.


The Histology Lab offers:

  • Microm STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor
  • Microm EC350 Tissue Embedding Center
  • Microm HM310 Rotary Microtome
  • Microm HM525 Cryostat
  • Varistain Gemini ES Automated Slide Stainer