Core Facilities

USC Mann School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences maintains multiple core laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment suites and appropriate research staff support, providing facilities not typically maintained in individual labs. The four main laboratories, the Mass Spectrometry Core (MS Core) Laboratory, Translational Research Laboratory (TRLab), the Histology Laboratory and the Lentiviral Laboratory, are all located in the John Stauffer Pharmaceutical Sciences Center on the USC Health Sciences Campus. 

The TRLab houses a number of specialized instruments used for Molecular Biology, Cell and Immunobiology, Imaging and Analytical applications. The Mass Spectrometry Core (MS Core) is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for imaging mass spectrometry (IMS), high-throughput screening, and quantitative metabolomic and proteomics. Both the Histology and Lentiviral cores are mainly service-based facilities. The facilities serve the USC scientific community from both campuses, and are also available to researchers outside of USC.

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The core mission of USC Mann Translational Research Laboratory (TRLab), located in 10 laboratory spaces of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Center, has been to provide investigators with a state-of-the-art technological platform and technical expertise to advance translational research endeavors in the school and at USC.

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The Mass Spectrometry Core at the USC Mann School serves the scientific research community at USC as well as external collaborators. This core is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for imaging mass spectrometry (IMS), high-throughput screening, and quantitative metabolomic and proteomics. It is dedicated to actively collaborate with internal and external research groups in providing comprehensive service in MALDI imaging and high-throughput screening of small molecules, peptides and proteins using mass spectrometry.

Instrumentation: Bruker Rapiflex Tissuetyper, HTX M5 sprayer, Thermo Fisher Q-Exactive Orbitrap equipped with both ESI and APCI ion sources equipped with a nano-LC system, Sciex Q-Trap 6500.

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USC Mann Histology Laboratory, located in room B6 (basement level) of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Center, is ready to help you with your histology and pathology research needs. We provide services on tissue processing, sectioning and staining. Expert advice is available concerning staining techniques and the interpretation of microscopic images. The cryostat and microtome are also available for use by reservation only (see Scheduling).

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USC Mann Lentiviral Laboratory provides services for production of small-scale lentiviral stocks for delivery and expression of transgenes or shRNA of interest. The engineered lentiviral constructs are either provided by the end-users or produced in the lab according to the needs of the customers. We also help in stable cell-line generation and characterization.

Our goal is to facilitate research studies by providing lentiviral stocks for delivery and expression of transgenes in difficult to transduce primary cells or tissue culture, long-term expression for stable cell lines and gene silencing. Currently, our efforts are directed at creating a Stereotaxic Core Laboratory that in conjunction with the Lentiviral Core will suffice the Research community in their needs of brain-targeted delivery of gene of interest or shRNA. These novel technological approaches are required to answer important scientific questions and used to generate platforms for drug discovery/development programs.

For access to Lentiviral Lab services, please contact Dr. Liana Asatryan at

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The Medicinal Chemistry core plays a crucial role in the drug discovery process through the selection and synthesis of compounds that establish structure–activity relationships and achieve efficacy and safety in preclinical animal testing. We provide synthetic chemistry resources which is an essential cross-cutting platform to support a robust drug discovery research program.

Our goal is to assist USC investigators in all aspects of small molecule drug discovery and development process, including, but not limited to, target validation, lead optimization using advanced machine learning software, tool compound custom synthesis, small scale and multi-gram scale synthesis and purification, structural determination, purity analysis, and provides support with ADMET, In Vivo-PK/PD studies, as well as with In Vivo Safety Pharmacology.

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