Lentiviral Lab

USC Mann Lentiviral Laboratory provides services for production of small-scale lentiviral stocks for delivery and expression of transgenes or shRNA of interest. The engineered lentiviral constructs are either provided by the end-users or produced in the lab according to the needs of the customers. We also help in stable cell line generation and characterization.

Our goal is to facilitate research studies by providing lentiviral stocks for delivery and expression of transgenes in difficult to transduce primary cells or tissue culture, long-term expression for stable cell lines and gene silencing. Currently, our efforts are directed at creating a Stereotaxic Core Laboratory that in conjunction with the Lentiviral Core will suffice the Research community in their needs of brain-targeted delivery of gene of interest or shRNA. These novel technological approaches are required to answer important scientific questions and used to generate platforms for drug discovery/development programs.

For access to Lentiviral Lab services, please contact Dr. Liana Asatryan at asatryan@usc.edu