The following services are available for the Histology Laboratory. There are also instruments available for use on a charge-per-hour basis. To schedule for services, please contact Gabriela Lopez at

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  • Processing & embedding service
  • STP120 Automated Tissue Processor (self service)
  • EC350 Paraffin Embedding Center (self service)
  • Re-embedding
  • Paraffin sectioning 1st slide
  • Paraffin sectioning additional slide
  • Microm HM310 Microtome (self service)
  • Frozen sectioning 1st slide
  • Frozen sectioning additional slide
  • Microm HM525 Cryostat (self service)
  • H&E staining service
  • Gemini ES Automated Slide Stainer (self service)
  • Microtome Blades
  • Slides (plus)
  • Slide folder (25 slides)

For more information about services and rates, contact TRLab at