Co-curricular activity is an important part of shaping the PharmD student experience at USC Mann. Per Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) recommendations, PharmD students must participate in co-curricular activities to enhance their curriculum, advance learning and provide opportunities to apply curriculum knowledge to practical, real-world issues. At USC Mann, students will work with the PharmD Co-Curricular Office to complete at least three co-curricular activities per year.

Choosing Activities

Students may use the co-curricular pathway plan – a menu of activities which may vary by semester and year to coincide with the curriculum and align with the eight Trojan Pharmacist Outcomes – to comply with program requirements. The pathway plan is merely a suggested list of activities, not an absolute list. Students who wish to customize their co-curricular activities may contact the PharmD Co-Curricular Office to map a custom activity plan for the subsequent semester.

Students who are actively engaged for at least one year as a student ambassador or as a member of a student organization or affinity group may use that experience to satisfy one co-curricular activity requirement during the program’s entirety. Students admitted to an Area of Concentration must complete their three co-curricular requirements specific to that area of study.


Co-Curricular Checklist: Students are assigned a co-curricular checklist on EngageSC at the start of each academic year. Students must complete one co-curricular activity from each category on the checklist per academic year (three total activities). The co-curricular checklist includes activity requirements from each of the categories below:

  1. Self-awareness, communication, and collaboration
  2. Patient advocacy and community outreach
  3. Leadership and professional development

Post-Activity Summary: To comply with program requirements, students must complete a post-activity summary administered through EngageSC within 24 hours of completing a co-curricular activity. Failure to complete the post-activity summary within the allocated time will result in the activity not being counted toward the co-curriculum requirements.

End-of-Year Self-Reflection: By the end of the spring semester of each year, students must complete a written self-reflection about their co-curricular experiences. Self-reflection questions will be provided to students in advance, and the dates and deadlines will be provided at the start of each spring semester.

Note: Active student engagement in co-curricular activities is part of the USC Mann PharmD program requirement. Failure to comply with requirements within the allocated timeframe will delay the student’s progression in the program and result in disenrollment from courses in the subsequent semester.

For more information about USC Mann PharmD Co-Curricular Requirements, please contact Stella Yeghnanyan, Academic Program Administrator for Co-Curriculum.