Consulting Continuum
From Ideas to Regulation


The Kim Center, in partnership with the Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences, offers extensive consulting services to meet diverse needs across the medical product development lifecycle, spanning from ideation to regulation. These services are facilitated through three distinct consulting streams: the Translational Regulatory Consulting Services, Team-Based Regulatory and Quality Solutions and the Regulator’s Solution Network.

Our Team

Susan Bain, DRSc Headshot

Susan Bain, DRSc

Accomplished quality and regulatory professional with experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries
Nancy Pire-Smerkanich Headshot

Nancy Pire-Smerkanich, DRSc, MS

Professional who brings 30 years of industry experience in drug development to academia

Lawrence Liberti, PhD

Bringing a wealth of experience from academia and industry, with a particular emphasis on international regulatory policies, he underscores his profound understanding of global regulatory frameworks.
Frances J. Richmond Headshot

Frances J. Richmond, PhD

An expert in implantable medical devices, clinical trial regulatory issues, and regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical device products.
Eunjoo Pacifici, PharmD, PhD

Eunjoo Pacifici, PharmD, PhD

Eunjoo Pacifici is an expert in drug regulations, the global pharmaceutical market, and international medical product regulations.
C. Benson Kuo, PhD Headshot

C. Benson Kuo, PhD

C. Benson Kuo's research focuses on regulatory issues for innovative medical products and product safety in Asia.