D.K. Kim International Center for Regulatory Science

Aligning Regulatory Standards for Global Impact

The D.K. Kim International Center for Regulatory Science, part of USC Mann School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, is  focused on educating individuals with a scientific background in international regulatory science. The center aims to meet the growing demand for professionals equipped to navigate global regulatory processes. Through transformative education and research, it seeks to contribute to a healthier and safer world by emphasizing the crucial role of regulatory science in shaping global health outcomes.

Our goal

To apply regulatory science to regulatory and health solutions globally

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This cluster highlights the imperative for research at the Kim Center to go beyond internal boundaries, contributing to the global regulatory knowledge system, fortifying regulatory systems, and showcasing the center’s work. The overarching goal is to widely disseminate insights, making them accessible to the global regulatory community and fostering additional research and collaborations.

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The Regulatory Innovation Laboratory cluster at the Kim Center is the nucleus of innovative research, utilizing data science and collaboration with USC undergraduate and graduate students, multidisciplinary faculty, and Library/Information Services to drive innovation in international regulatory science. The Laboratory identifies and anticipates trends, providing crucial insights that directly influence the goals of the Capacity Building and Connections Clusters.

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The Kim Center, building on the research from the Regulatory Innovation Laboratory, provides practical programs such as training, symposia, and regulatory system strengthening initiatives. It emphasizes the practical application of data derived from the laboratory and conducts international outreach programs, with a focus on supporting regulators in emerging economies through capacity-building initiatives.

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The Kim Center offers tailored learning experiences for students and Fellows through three consulting approaches. The Translational Regulatory Consulting Center supports academic investigators and innovative initiatives by helping to bring their innovative ideas to the next level of development. Through the Team-based Regulatory and Quality Solutions (TRAQS) program, students engage in industry-sponsored projects tackling real-world cooperative projects. The Regulators’ Solution Center addresses the research needs of medicine and device regulators.

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Mr. D. K. Kim is a successful businessman and philanthropist who has dedicated himself to the education of future leaders. Mr. Kim’s interest in education manifests from his experience of living through the devastation of the Korean War. His childhood experience of being educated, along with other refugee children, in temporary missionary schools affected him greatly on a spiritual level. Through hard work and personal sacrifice, Mr. Kim prospered. Reflecting on his life experience, Mr. Kim was compelled to give back. “Investing in our youth is a priceless and timeless contribution to our future. The only way I can truly live my life to the fullest is if I fulfill my purpose and responsibility to honor those who have blessed my life and career. I am committed to equipping and supporting the next generation to carry the torch of helping others through training, education, hard work, and service to others.”

D.K. Kim International Center for Regulatory Science

News and Highlights

Welcoming Visitors from South Korea’s Ajou University
Welcoming Visitors from South Korea’s Ajou UniversityAs an exciting start to the 2023 New Year, the Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences at the USC Alfred E. Mann School welcomed Dr. Keechoo Choi, President and Professor of Ajou University, and colleagues. Ajou University is a major Korean university known for its competitive academic programs in science and engineering, innovative industry-academia partnerships, and excellence in research on technological convergence. USC and Ajou discussed their globally ranked programs in regulatory and quality sciences. Dr. Choi and his colleagues met with Drs. Richmond, Kuo, and Davies to discuss how they could assist with Ajou University’s newly announced Center for Regulatory Management of Combination Products.
Pushing Education Forward through Research: 2021 Young Investigator Awards
Pushing Education Forward through Research: 2021 Young Investigator AwardsThe Regulatory Science Research Team’s summer research culminated in the submission of five student presentations to the 2021 Young Investigator Awards.  Research team undergraduate and graduate researchers showcased their work and shared their findings via digital media presentations at Moving Targets 2021. 
DK Kim Center: Strengthening Regulatory Systems Across the Globe
Dr. Larry Liberti, Director of the USC DK Kim International Center for Regulatory Science, was featured as the guest speaker this week at two separate webinars for the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), coordinated by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). On Tuesday, July 18th, Dr. Liberti presented on the topic of “Regulatory Reliance: Best Practices and Benefits” to more than 80 staff members from across the agency. This was followed by a session on Thursday, July 20th to explore how best to make “Reliance-based Regulatory Decisions.” Academic outreach informed by novel research and data is at the core of the DK Kim Center’s regulatory system strengthening initiatives.