USC Master of Science in Biopharmaceutical Marketing is a specialized graduate program in precision marketing aimed at careers in the biopharmaceuticals, consulting, and medical technology industries.

Graduates will learn and use the practical tools, skills and methods to embrace the next wave of healthcare innovation to drive markets while improving health outcomes and product value.

All program courses emphasize project-based learning allowing active exploration of current healthcare business challenges and deeper proficiency in precision marketing.

Program Benefits

  • Intensive and targeted instruction on how to evaluate and market biopharmaceuticals and other innovative healthcare products, showcase product attributes and value stories, and gain healthcare coverage and reimbursement
  • Knowledge to become experts in growth sectors beyond the current healthcare and global biopharmaceutical industry, including newly emerging diagnostics and medical technology devices
  • Innovative tools and skills to assess and maximize a product’s commercial opportunities by conducting market research and developing marketing strategies
  • Learning-by-doing through team collaborations and scenario-based learning problem solving representing current real-world situations and critical decision pathways
  • Lectures from industry executives offered across biopharmaceutical marketing courses, offering unique access to insights and critical skills from experts in the respective fields
  • Professional development through dedicated support from program staff and networking opportunities

Requirements for Degree Completion

The Master of Science in Biopharmaceutical Marketing degree requires the completion of 27 units with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

  • BPMK 500 Biopharmaceutical Marketing Management (3 units)
  • BPMK 501 Healthcare Payers, Insurance & Coverage Policy (3 units)
  • BPMK 502 Biopharmaceutical Product Development & Marketing (3 units)
  • BPMK 503 Biopharmaceutical Advertising & Communication (3 units)
  • BPMK 504 Market Access & Reimbursement Strategy (3 units)
  • BPMK 508 Biopharmaceutical Marketing Research and Analytics (3 units)

  • BPMK 506 Biopharmaceutical Product Pricing & Competition (3 units)
  • BPMK 509 Seminars in Biopharmaceutical Marketing (3 units)
  • BPMK 510 Capstone: Biopharmaceutical Management Project (3 units)
  • HCDA 502 Comparative International Healthcare Systems (3 units)
  • HCDA 503 Competitive Healthcare Intelligence (3 units)
  • HCDA 510 Business Implications of Healthcare Policy (3 units)
  • HCDA 520 Health Economics & Outcomes Methodology (3 units)
  • HCDA 525 Healthcare Literature Analysis & Applications (3 units)
  • HCDA 540 Executive Leadership and Healthcare Marketing (3 units)
  • HCDA 550 Healthcare Innovation: Creativity to Value (3 units)
  • HCDA 560 Managing Effective Partnerships and Mergers (3 units)
  • HCDA 570 Asia-Pacific: Access, Delivery and Reimbursement (3 units)
  • HCDA 589 Healthcare Consulting Enterprise Team Projects (3 units)