The Master of Science in Biopharmaceutical Marketing is a 27-unit interdisciplinary graduate program designed to build core knowledge and strategic skills to enter careers in the biopharmaceutical industry, managed care payers, consulting and other healthcare related fields. Graduates of the Biopharmaceutical Marketing program are professionally trained in the principles of success ranging from the traditional Pharmaceutical Industry through biotechnology through a wide array of newly emerging healthcare ventures and career requirements including:

  • Business intelligence, pricing & product life-cycle
  • Product development, launch and market planning
  • Strategies for coverage, reimbursement, and product placement
  • Value & access “best practice” for modeling and formulary tactics
  • Targeted sales & marketing tools and techniques to maximize market positioning
  • Communication, advertising and forecasting specifically aimed at biopharmaceuticals

Students are encouraged to apply with backgrounds from across the academic and occupational spectrum either in preparation for a new career, a change in direction, or to build upon existing workplace knowledge and experience.