Frequently Asked Questions

HCDA is a healthcare business program focusing on Strategy & Market Access, Decision & Data Analytics, and Applied Health Policy. Target industries for post-graduate employment are biopharmaceutical, medical technology, health systems, and health insurance.

BPMK focuses on Marketing, Value, Access & Reimbursement, and Product Development in the biopharmaceutical space. Target industries for post-graduate employment are biotech, pharma, consulting, and medical technology industries

BPMK students take a deep dive into the specialized areas of biopharmaceutical marketing, product development, and commercialization. HCDA has broader business applications with applied healthcare strategy, analytics, and policy. 

NO. There are no prerequisites for admission and students do not have to follow any pre-set course sequence. All classes are designed to allow individualized progress to learn from the material presented within each course.

YES. Our schedule and courses are designed to take advantage of weekends and independent study using adult education principles. Students will have the choice of traditional or flexible classroom participation to allow for distance learning and time independent lectures. The BPMK program’s flexible options are designed to accommodate individual schedules and reduce travel requirements. For those active working professionals who cannot regularly travel to a traditional classroom there is also the Working Professional Cohort. 

The WPC is designed to accommodate working professionals who want to accelerate skills and expertise. Designed for flexibility, those eligible to opt-in to the WPC have the option to participate asynchronously due to professional work demands. 

All classroom lectures are recorded with Zoom and posted following the scheduled class. Students are able to access all materials presented, recorded lectures, and exercise resources via Blackboard, the online Learning Management System.

YES. The USC Office of Financial Aid administers one of the largest financial aid programs in the United States, with many options available for graduate & professional students, international students, and those with special circumstances. Please contact the USC Office of Financial Aid for more information or reach out directly to Julie Andaya, Associate Director of Financial Aid at

There is no requirement to provide GRE/GMAT scores as part of the application. A minimum of a 3.0 GPA is generally needed to be competitive for entry into the programs.

NO, a math or science degree is not required to be successful in the program. The programs are designed to accommodate and educate students from a wide range of academic experiences and skill levels who are seeking to improve their technical skills and analytical abilities. The students should possess basic science and math competency.

The time period to earn a degree depends on the individual and the enrolled degree program. The Division of Healthcare and Biopharmaceutical Business works to accommodate students, within reason, given the university’s administrative requirements. For individualized support or to explore the fit of our program with your unique needs, please contact Michelle Ton, Program Administrator at

  • Graduate Certificates: The 12 unit program can easily be completed in two to four semesters.
  • Master of Science: On average, most students complete degree requirements  within 15 – 24 months.
  • PharmD/MS Dual Degree: The program MUST be completed during the same 4-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. It is highly encouraged that current USC PharmD students explore this option with the support of advisors from both programs. 
  • PharmD/MS Concurrent Degree: The program can be completed up to 1 year after the completion of the PharmD.

Our graduates have pursued business careers in healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, consulting, health insurance, medical technology and more.

We CANNOT get you a job but can provide you with the career resources and coaching to support you in having a successful job search process.

You will have access to USC’s and our program’s individualized career services resources and support. This is available to all of our current students and alumni up to 1 year after graduation. 

Detailed tuition and fee information can be found in the USC Catalog. Typically, one course is 3 units. Tuition is the same for resident and non-resident students. Note: Tuition rates are subject to change without notice