Ralphs Pharmacy (A Division of The Kroger Company)

Ralphs Pharmacy (Kroger) is one of the primary sites in the USC Mann PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program, and it is designed to offer a unique training opportunity in developing advanced skills in community pharmacy practice. Residents will have the opportunity to obtain clinical, managerial, administrative, operational and teaching experiences in a variety of settings.

The home-base practice sites will include:

  • Ralphs Corporate Office
  • Ralphs Store #701
  • Ambulatory Care clinics, such as the Edward R. Roybal Comprehensive Health Center, the Los Angeles General Medical Center Clinics, the Los Angeles LGBT Center and USC Pharmacies and Affiliated Clinics

Clinical Services:

  • Chronic disease state management
  • Medication initiation, dose adjustment and laboratory test ordering
  • International travel health
  • Medication therapy management
  • Smoking cessation counseling
  • Hormonal contraceptive furnishing
  • Naloxone furnishing
  • Health screening services including diabetes, lipid, osteoporosis and body fat analysis

Pharmacy Operations:

  • Develop a business plan and deliver its proposal
  • Identify and develop a quality assurance project
  • Analyze and document incident reports
  • Assist with corporate projects and meetings
  • Mastering general tasks in community pharmacy workflow, provide consultation and immunizations
  • Inventory management

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Corporate level management
  • Protocol update and development
  • Clinical program implementation
  • Clinical service financial analysis
  • Assist in organizing and conducting flu clinics and health screening events
  • Manage a community pharmacy with integrated patient care services
  • Conduct orientations for IPPE and APPE students

Scholarly Activities and Service:

  • Serve as preceptors for students on clinical rotations
  • Develop and facilitate case-based learning activities for pharmacy students
  • Deliver didactic lectures for pharmacy or pre-pharmacy students
  • Engage, coordinate, and precept in community activities such as health fairs and education outreach
  • Design and execute research projects pertaining to pharmacy practice

The resident’s schedule may vary depending on ongoing activities and may include various longitudinal and elective rotations throughout the year. Below is a sample of a weekly schedule:

  • Monday: Ralphs Store
  • Tuesday: Roybal Comprehensive Health Center
  • Wednesday: Ralphs Corporate
  • Thursday: Resident Development and Teaching Activities
  • Friday: Ralphs Store