986 Pharmacy and Wynn Medical Center

986 Pharmacy and Wynn Medical Center is one of the primary sites in the USC Mann PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program and it provides the resident with training and education at an independent pharmacy and internal medicine clinic located in the San Gabriel Valley. This program is designed to offer a unique training opportunity in developing advanced skills in community pharmacy practice as an advanced pharmacy practitioner. Residents will have the opportunity to obtain clinical, managerial, administrative, operational and teaching experiences in a variety of settings.

986 Pharmacy is a group of independent pharmacy organizations across California, Nevada and Texas. In addition to traditional community and specialty pharmacy services, the pharmacies also offer infusion medication services, compounding, and assisted living facilities/boarding care homes services. The resident will gain experiences in the traditional independent pharmacy operations and will be involved in administrative and managerial duties that will provide insight into running, owning, and opening an independent pharmacy.

Wynn Medical Center is a physician-run, private practice providing medical services in general internal medicine (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, arthritis, COPD, etc.), dermatology, and rheumatology. The resident will work directly with both physician and pharmacist preceptors to gain experience in management of diverse patient populations with mixed disease pathology and diagnostic and interventional ultrasound procedures.

The home-base practice sites will include:

  • 986 Pharmacy Corporate Office
  • 986 Pharmacy – Rosemead
  • Wynn Medical Center

Clinical Services:

  • Geriatric and senior health care (dementia, insomnia, depression, pain, anxiety, and other cognitive impairment syndromes)
  • Comprehensive medication review
  • Multiple disease-state screenings
  • Transition of care
  • Infusion Therapy Service
  • Street medication administration

Pharmacy Operations:

  • Assist with all refill and prior authorization requests
  • Manage selection, procurement, storage, and dispensing of medications
  • Order fulfillment and verification
  • Use evidence-based targeted interventions integrated into the patient-centered dispensing process
  • Administer medications based on collaborative practice agreements or other treatment protocols consistent with the laws, regulations, and practice policies and procedures
  • Participate in initiating, modifying, and discontinuing drug therapy, based on collaborative practice agreements or other treatment protocols consistent with the laws, regulations, and practice policies and procedures
  • Participate in all Clinical, Operation and Quality Meetings
  • Participate in 986 Monthly Staff and Managers/Owners meetings
  • Participate in 986 Strategic Planning Committee

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and facilitate monthly clinical meetings
  • Generate clinical reports to track progress of clinical outcomes
  • Coordinate and facilitate quarterly general pharmacy operations and quality assurance meetings
  • Participate in pharmacy quality assurance, self-assessments reports, and address any new pharmacy-related questions
  • Update protocols and policies to match current standards of practice

Scholarly Activities and Service:

  • Serve as preceptors for students on clinical rotations
  • Develop and facilitate case-based learning activities for pharmacy students
  • Deliver didactic lectures for pharmacy or pre-pharmacy students
  • Engage, coordinate, and precept in community activities such as health fairs and education outreach
  • Design and execute research projects pertaining to pharmacy practice
  • Prepare Business Plans for various pharmacy projects, including start ups and purchasing of existing pharmacies

The resident’s schedule may vary depending on ongoing activities and may include various longitudinal and elective rotations throughout the year. Below is a sample of a weekly schedule:

  • Monday: 986 Corporate Office/986 Pharmacy – Rosemead
  • Tuesday: 986 Pharmacy – Rosemead
  • Wednesday: 986 Pharmacy – Rosemead/ Wynn Medical Center
  • Thursday: USC Resident Development and Teaching Activities
  • Friday: Wynn Medical Center