USC Mann Team Wins Best Poster Award at AACP Annual Meeting

A USC Mann research poster, “Investing in Student Success Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence,” received the 2022-2023 Social and Administrative Sciences (SAS) Best Poster Award at the 2023 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting in Aurora, Colorado.

Congratulations to Maryann Wu, assistant dean for assessment and assistant professor of clinical pharmacy, Ian Haworth, associate professor and vice chair of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences, and Ying Wang, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy.

USC Mann students Roza L. Airapetian, Tiffany T. Doan, Julianne H. Guo, Christine Kureghyan, Gopi T. Maganti, Khush Mody, Alex T. Shahverdian, and Vaibhav Singh contributed to the project.