USC Schaeffer Center on the Rise

The USC Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics now ranks third globally based on a ranking of economic research citations. Meanwhile, Sir Angus Deaton, Nobel Prize winner and Schaeffer Center distinguished fellow, placed first among 1,466 individual health economics authors. Six faculty members affiliated with the Schaeffer Center ranked in the top 10 percent of health economists.

“USC, and the Schaeffer Center in particular, has an impressive record in health economics,” said Geoffrey Joyce, associate professor and chair of the department of pharmaceutical and health economics department at the USC School of Pharmacy. “These economists are conducting impactful work in areas like drug pricing, health technology assessments and healthcare markets, that are changing the way we think about healthcare. It is thrilling to see the Center recognized globally for this work.”

The rankings come from IDEAS, the internet’s largest freely available bibliographic database dedicated to economics. It is part of the Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) collaborative, which indexes more than 2,800,000 texts from 101 countries.

Out of 2,267 institutions, only the National Bureau of Economic Research the MIT Economics department, two institutions with significantly more researchers, ranked higher. A partnership between the USC School of Pharmacy and Price School of Public Policy, the Schaeffer Center places pharmacy at the center of evidence-based research to engage the public and private sectors in finding solutions to reach more people with vital care.