Student Spotlight: Ashley Valiente

Meet first-year pharmacy student Ashley Valiente, who shares her experience starting at USC Mann, talks about her goals after graduation, and describes why prospective pharmacy students should choose USC.

Why did you choose USC Mann?
I chose USC School of Pharmacy because of the amazing opportunities I knew would be available to me due to its great reputation. USC has an amazing alumni network and great connections to pharmacists all over the country. USC also has a great passing rate for the boards exam which is extremely important to me.

How have the resources and faculty available at USC helped you with your studies, learning, and growth?
I have had a wonderful opportunity to meet with all of the professors I wanted to meet with. All the professors are easily accessible and extremely willing to help with any questions. There are great learning opportunities such as student teaching sessions, tutoring, and office hours to help with any question one may have on the course work. In addition to the professors, there is an advisor program where each student is placed with an advisor to help guide them through their semesters.
How has the start of your year at the school been so far? The start of my pharmacy school career has been very different and harder than undergraduate school. Classes are difficult but thankfully I am getting through them with the help of my friends and faculty. I have really enjoyed meeting my fellow classmates and making new friends. I have also enjoyed being exposed to the pharmacy field so early on through Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE).
Why should prospective students consider the school? Prospective students should consider USC for pharmacy school because of its alumni network, new concentration addition to the curriculum, and the endless opportunities for internship programs.
What are your goals after graduation? After graduation, I want to apply for residency programs in an area within clinical pharmacy so that I can eventually obtain a position as a clinical pharmacist at an inpatient hospital.
What is the learning environment like at USC School of Pharmacy? At USC, the learning environment mixes classroom teaching with experiences through IPPEs. Students gain exposure to multiple professors and the opportunity to learn from pharmacists at rotations at hospital and community pharmacies during their first year. USC also provides students with the opportunity to get their internship license and immunization certification in their first semester. Overall, USC provides lots of opportunities and resources to students during their first year that other schools don’t offer.