Scott Mosley Joins Faculty

Scott Mosley, PharmD, has joined the faculty of the Titus Department of Clinical Pharmacy as assistant professor of clinical pharmacy.

His research is focused in pharmacogenomics implementation, which incorporates genetic information with other clinical factors to optimize drug selection. He recently completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in the Center for Pharmacogenomics under the mentorship of Larisa Cavallari, PharmD.

Paul Beringer, chair of the Titus Department of Clinical Pharmacy, welcomed Mosley to the faculty. “His expertise in pharmacogenomics implementation will accelerate our efforts in applying genetic information to improving the efficacy and safety of medications for our patients and serve as a role model to our students and residents on translating discoveries to clinical practice,” Beringer said.

“Dr. Mosley’s research on pharmacogenomics of pain and psychiatric medications aligns well with the expertise of a number of our faculty and will lead to very productive collaborations.”

Mosley received a B.S. in Biochemical/Biophysical Science from the University of Houston in 2006, then worked for three years in a core pharmacology lab as an analytical chemist for MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He received his PharmD degree from the University of Texas in 2013, and then took a position as a pharmacist with MD Anderson Cancer Center.