School Launches New Undergrad Programs

In keeping with its tradition of launching groundbreaking degree programs, the School of Pharmacy has introduced new interdisciplinary options for undergraduates interested in careers in the health professions, biotechnology and beyond.

Major in Biopharmaceutical Sciences

In addition to the BA/BS Pharmacology and Drug Development major established in 2017, students can now opt for a degree in Biopharmaceutical Sciences, which similarly offers a pathway for science (BS) and nonscience (BA) majors. Those completing a capstone project are eligible to graduate with honors.

Through innovative coursework and independent research opportunities, the program instills undergraduates with skills in pharmaceutical sciences, business, marketing, product development and lifecycle, and medical product development and use. It’s designed to prepare students for employment at leading research universities and in industry, government or any research-centric arena. It also readies students for graduate work in pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, biomedical engineering, business, finance and law.

Courses focus on subdisciplines of pharmaceutical sciences— including study of the chemical and physical properties of drugs and their biological effects—and link these systems to the discovery, development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals for the advancement of human health. Courses also explore the business and marketing aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

Biopharmaceutical Business Minor

The new minor in Biopharmaceutical Business provides a foundation in biopharmaceutical business and marketing practices that can be used in a variety of careers. For example, graduates may find jobs in product development, marketing and brand management in the biopharmaceutical industry—or apply their knowledge to applied business areas of medical and pharmacy practice, healthcare law, healthcare finance and healthcare consulting.

The Biopharmaceutical Business minor builds on the school’s other offerings, which include the Foundation in Regulatory Sciences minor and the Science and Management of Biomedical Therapeutics minor.

Those who simply want to round out their education can enroll in just a class or two—such as budding mystery writers interested in learning about poisons, or students in any major who want to explore pharmacoethics or biologics and vaccines, for instance.