Reuters Ranks USC Eighth Most Innovative University in the World

Reuters has ranked the University of Southern California (USC) the No. 8 on its 2019 list of the Most Innovative Universities in the World. The annual list identifies and ranks educational institutions doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies and power new markets and industries.

USC rose seven spots from last year’s rankings, moving up from number 15 in 2018.

As examples of the many innovations taking place at USC, Reuters highlights the recent announcement that USC School of Pharmacy researchers have successfully grown testosterone-producing human cells in a lab as an achievement that could lead to new treatments for millions of men who suffer from the many disorders resulting from low testosterone. Reuters also cites the work of researchers at USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry who are investigating how stem cells can be used to reactivate tooth growth, a process which would allow dentists to grow new teeth in a lab to replace broken or missing ones in a patient.

Reuters cites 281 patents filed by USC inventors between 2012-2017 and a 42.3 percent success rate when measuring the ratio of patents filed that were ultimately granted by patent offices. Reuters also rates USC with a 49.2 commercial impact score, an indicator of how often basic research originating at an institution has influenced commercial R&D activity, as measured by academic papers cited in patent filings. USC’s commercial impact score was well above the average score for other institutions, which was 40.5.

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