Plans Advance for New Seaver Hall Student Center

The school is creating a dynamic, new student-centered facility in Seaver Hall—scheduled for completion in early 2021—that will consolidate student services and provide a dedicated gathering space for the student community.

By refurbishing—and reimagining—Seaver Hall, the building adjacent to the USC School of Pharmacy’s John Stauffer Pharmaceutical Sciences Center, the school is creating a student-centric and technologically up-to-date facility for programs, services and events. The center’s design, which has involved students since the earliest planning stages, will include breakout areas to encourage meetings and collaboration.

The Biles Leadership Center in Seaver Hall will focus on students and student services with:

» A new student activity room with a large-screen TV, quiet study lounge and flexible-use space
» New offices for Admissions and Financial Aid, Career Counseling and Student Affairs
» Major upgrades to electrical and network infrastructure that will facilitate more collaborative and technology-enabled learning

The center is named for visionary pharmacy leader John Biles, and his wife, Margaret. Biles first joined the USC School of Pharmacy as an assistant professor in 1952, eventually serving the school as dean from 1968 to 1995.

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