Papadopoulos Receives 2020 Distinguished Andrologist Award

Vassilios Papadopoulos, dean of the USC School of Pharmacy, has received the 2020 Distinguished Andrologist Award from the American Society of Andrology (ASA) for his scientific contributions to the field of andrology, leadership in the ASA and commitment to the advancement of science in male reproductive health.

Papadopoulos, who holds the John Stauffer Dean’s Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences, was formally recognized with the ASA’s highest honor on Tuesday, May 19. He served as the ASA president in 2015-2016.

“Dr. Papadopoulos is a world-class scientist whose research focuses on the pathophysiology and treatment of diseases related to altered steroid hormone synthesis, including endocrine pathologies, male reproductive disorders, neuropathologies and cancer,” says the ASA in the award announcement. “He is also an extraordinary and unpretentious colleague, always seeking opportunities to share his knowledge and resources, and nurture/mentor his fellow scientists and trainees.”

Research in the Papadopoulos laboratory has led to a better understanding of the pathways leading to steroid hormone synthesis, the pharmacology of steroid formation in the periphery and brain, the identification of new molecules targeting key elements in diseases where steroids play a determining role, and the development of diagnostics for these diseases.

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