New Courses, New Options for Undergraduates Interested in Health-Related Fields

In the 2016-17 academic year, USC School of Pharmacy will offer new undergraduate courses on the University Park campus that can be taken individually or built into a minor, “Science and Management of Biomedical Therapeutics.”

The new courses are designed for USC undergraduates interested in careers in health-related fields including pharmacy and medicine as well as life sciences, nutrition and food sciences, diagnostics, drug and medical device fields.

Undergraduates in pre-health care programs like medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry can take new courses in pharmacology, pharmaceutical sciences, and toxicology, with a focus on legal and illicit drug use and abuse. Those interested in the many careers in industry or government can take courses that combine science, law, finance and business as it relates to regulation of biomedical products. Offerings include courses that will introduce students related to drug and device development and will include topics and case studies related to the regulatory challenges associated with these processes.

Courses include:

For more information, click here to view a full list of new individual courses, or click here to learn more about the undergraduate minor.