Faculty Win USC Stevens Technology Advancement Grants

Julio Camarero Palao, PhD, Stan Gee Louie, PharmD, and Kathy Rodgers, PhD, were awarded a $50,000 USC Stevens Technology Advancement Grant (TAG) for their proposal “Pharmacology of proteolically resistant cyclotides with angiotensin 1-7-like activity.”

Andrew MacKay, PhD, and Sarah Hamm-Alvarez, PhD, were also awarded a $50,000 grant, for their proposal “Preclinical advancement of FKBP/Rapalogue drug carriers.”

The USC Stevens Technology Advancement Grants (TAG) support technologies and innovations created at USC with proof of concept funding for USC technologies with the purpose of increasing the likelihood of commercialization either through direct licensing to an existing company or to a startup company.

Read the full announcement here.

The USC Stevens Center for Innovation is a university-wide resource for USC innovators in the Office of the Provost, designed to harness and advance the creative thinking and breakthrough research at USC for societal impact, focusing on the licensing of technologies, expanding industry collaborations, and supporting start-ups.