Faculty in the News: COVID-19

April 2020

Here is a selection of USC School of Pharmacy faculty members in the news sharing expertise about COVID-19:

  • Steven Chen, PharmD, authored an article for The Conversation titled, “U.S. Pharmacists Can Now Test for Coronavirus. They Could Do More If Government Allowed It;” the article was republished by Yahoo! News. Additionally, he was quoted in the Los Angeles Times on the importance of preventing the spread of the coronavirus by washing your hands.
  • William Padula, PhD, co-authored an op-ed for The Hill titled, “A Health Care Draft Could Help Unemployment and Front Line Burden in Response to COVID-19”; was quoted by CalMatters about mask safety for COVID-19. Additionally, he was featured by Scientific American for his research on global death rates for COVID-19, which he found are lower in countries that have more nurses per patient.
  • Geoffrey Joyce, PhD, authored an op-ed for MarketWatch titled, “Are We Overreacting to the Coronavirus? Let’s Do the Math.”
  • Irving Steinberg, PharmD, was quoted by MyNewsLA.com, KNX 1070, USC News and other publications on the increasing numbers of severe illness and fatalities related to COVID-19 among the 20- to 44-year-old segment in the U.S.; was quoted by Buzzfeed News about acetaminophen and its general use as a safe first-line treatment for the flu and other febrile illnesses such as COVID-19; talked to KQED on how vaping or smoking could be a risk factor for COVID-19, even for the young and healthy; was quoted by Courthouse News Service about how antibody testing can help employers develop staffing plans based on the level of risk of coronavirus exposure. Additionally, he authored an article for The Conversation titled, “Coronavirus Research Done Too Fast Is Testing Publishing Safeguards, Bad Science Is Getting Through.”
  • Daryl L. Davies, PhD, was quoted by CBS Los Angeles and USC News about how social distancing and Zoom parties could lead to more problems related to alcohol abuse.
  • Dana Goldman, PhD, co-authored an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times on how California can adapt the state’s smog alert system to fight the coronavirus; wrote about how the coronavirus curves in some states seem to be flattening, on the Schaeffer Center site, The Evidence Base.
  • Erin Trish, PhDDana Goldman, PhD, and Darius Lakdawalla, PhD, co-authored “Hospitals Closed to Prepare for COVID-19. It is Time to Reopen Most of Them,” an article in the Schaeffer Center’s The Evidence Base website.
  • Emi Minejima, PharmD, was featured in Men’s Health for explaining what gym-goers can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus.