Debbie and Buzzy Klevens Establish Endowed Professorship in Clinical Pharmacy

Debbie and Buzzy Klevens Establish Endowed Professorship in Clinical Pharmacy

Debbie and Buzzy Klevens, Pharm.D. (’74) have committed a planned gift of $1 million to establish the Debbie and Buzzy Klevens Endowed Professorship in Clinical Pharmacy at the USC School of Pharmacy. By providing funds in perpetuity, the professorship will advance the School toward its goal of attracting and retaining the most accomplished practitioners of clinical pharmacy.

“The Debbie and Buzzy Klevens Endowed Professorship in Clinical Pharmacy will be a critical asset in achieving the academic strength and fiscal security that are essential to the future of the School,” said Dean Timothy Chan, Ph.D.,USC School of Pharmacy.

The Klevenses purchased a $1 million life insurance policy, which names the School of Pharmacy as beneficiary. This will create the endowed professorship.

“Establishing practice models that utilize a pharmacist’s special skills has been my life-long professional ambition,” said Klevens. “It is well documented that an ambulatory care pharmacy practitioner can provide continuity of care to achieve favorable patient outcomes. Debbie and I are excited to establish a professorship that will ensure that the needs of special patient populations are met for years to come.”

Buzzy Klevens has dedicated his pharmacy career to the care of indigent and special- needs patients. After graduating from the School of Pharmacy, he took a position at a pharmacy management company that specialized in both hospital and acute care settings. He was instrumental in developing and operating indigent care services for the surrounding community

Klevens joined the AIDS Healthcare Fund several years later and served as national director of pharmacy services and operations.

“The organization is a primary care disease management company for those with HIV/AIDS, but we made sure that any patient that came to us got the care they needed,” said Klevens.

Klevens parlayed his experience working with special populations into the development of Metcare Rx, an East Coast-based company that provides pharmacy management and consulting services to providers. He currently serves as its president and chief operating officer.

“We service defined patient populations irrespective of their ability to pay,” said Klevens. “Our patients are determined by age, location and disease-specific attributes. Many of them live in lower socioeconomic areas and have no insurance.”

Debbie and Buzzy first met one another under difficult circumstances in 1984. Debbie’s father, Louis Duarte, Pharm.D. (’61), had died and she needed help deciphering his contracts with Los Angeles County. Buzzy was brought in to help get the affairs of his pharmacy practice in order.

The Klevenses have been married for 18 years and collectively have four children. “Without Debbie, nothing in my life would happen the way it is supposed to,” said Klevens.

Debbie and Buzzy Klevens have also joined the Pharmacy Associates at the presidential level and directed their gift to the Hygeia Chair in Clinical Pharmacy. In addition, Buzzy was recently appointed to serve on the School’s Board of Councilors.

As dedicated Trojans, Debbie and Buzzy hope their youngest daughter will continue the tradition and attend USC as an undergraduate in fall 2005.

“Ashlee has set her sights on a career in pharmacy and would love to get her Pharm. D. at USC,” said Klevens. “I had a wonderful experience at the School of Pharmacy and was fortunate to have gained a solid background in practice ethics, which I have used throughout my career. My goal is to improve the value of the School, not only for my daughter, but also for all future Pharm.D. graduates.”