Courses for Area of Concentration in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Didactic Courses (6 units):

PHRD 663 – Pharmaceutical Development (3 units)
Examination of pharmaceutical product development process including discovery, preclinical/clinical studies, regulatory-legal issues and marketing.

PHRD 670 – Marketing and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry (3 units)
This course will cover basic and advanced strategies for marketing and development of new compounds or indication in the pharmaceutical industry.

HCDA 507: Foundations of Product Development and Commercialization (3 units)
Basic introduction focused on the pathways and principles for managing new health technology discovery, funding, development, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, and commercial market launch.

RSCI 533 – Safety and Evaluation during Drug Development (3 units)
Safety pharmacology/toxicology requirements mandated by FDA and other regulatory agencies to move a new chemical entity from discovery stage to market approval

MPTX 511 – Introduction to Medical Product Regulation (3 units)
Introduction to regulatory environments surrounding medical product development, manufacturing and marketing; operation of federal, state and international regulatory bodies.

MPTX 512 – Regulation of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products (3 units)
Ensuring safety and effectiveness of new drugs and biologics; marketing and monitoring approved pharmaceutical/biological products; management of genetically engineering products.

Experiential Courses (6 units):

PHRD 738 – Pharmaceutical Industry APPE (6 units)
Practical experience within a pharmaceutical company may include: clinical affairs, drug development, research, and/or marketing process.

Note: As part of the fourth year advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) program, Pharm.D. students are required to complete six total rotations. If available, one rotation may be a pharmaceutical industry APPE in partial fulfillment of the pharmaceutical industry area of concentration. Previous sites have included Allergan, Amgen, Inc., Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Emmaus Life Sciences, Gilead Sciences, Inc., Procter & Gamble Company, and Teva Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Please note there is no guarantee of placement in a pharmaceutical industry APPE. This will be based on the number of sites available in a given year.