Commencement Spotlight: Vicky Wang

Vicky Wang is graduating with a master’s in healthcare decision analysis from USC Mann in May 2021. Here, the Shanghai, China native talks about how the program’s built-in consulting projects helped her land her dream job and why joining the Trojan Family was an easy decision for her.

What originally attracted you to your field?  

As I was contemplating my next step after graduating from Babson College with a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship/entrepreneurial studies, I was specifically looking at master’s programs that merge business knowledge with a specific field of expertise, such as healthcare. The Healthcare Decision Analysis program at USC really stood out to me because healthcare is an ever-changing, dynamic field.

How did you come to the decision to pursue your degree at USC? 

I wanted to join the Trojan Family because USC has a renowned reputation for its academic excellence. The weather and culture in Los Angeles is also really different from other places I’ve lived before — Shanghai, Minnesota, and Boston. Needless to say, I was ready to move to somewhere warmer and embrace the Southern California lifestyle.

Now that your time at USC is coming to an end, what is one of your favorite memories of your time here? How do you feel your experiences at USC have prepared you for this next chapter in your life?   

My favorite memory is when I participated in the Enterprise Team Projects (ETP) program. I worked with my classmates in small teams to uncover valuable insights for life science testing company BioAgilytix Labs. This spring semester, I was also part of a team that helped develop commercialization strategies for biopharmaceutical company Amgen. These two ETP program experiences really helped me become a better leader, communicator and more well-rounded professional.

Can you tell us about your post-graduation plans? What are you most looking forward to? 

Upon graduating from USC, I am going to return home to Shanghai, China, where I will enjoy a summer vacation and then join L.E.K. Consulting in September as an associate in healthcare consulting. I am most looking forward to reuniting with my family, starting my life again in the city I grew up in, traveling to places that have long been on my bucket list and starting my first full-time job.

Do you have any advice to the students who are following in your footsteps? Is there anything else you’d like to share?

There are many aspects that are crucial to paving the road to your dream life, and one that gets often overlooked is the importance of being kind and generous.