A Fund to Fuel the Future – Dean’s Innovation Fund

USC Mann has announced the Dean’s Innovation Fund, an initiative designed to encourage bold projects in research, clinical practice and education.

The aim is to build upon the school’s long history of innovation and foster such projects as early-stage, higher-risk laboratory investigations that have potential for great impact but often have difficulty garnering backing from government and other external sources. The fund also may be used to develop advanced facilities and purchase equipment to fuel such initiatives, as well as to bolster unique educational opportunities for enhancing the student experience.

“Our goal is to build a substantial endowment for the fund so that the innovators on our faculty, as well as those we mentor, can seize all opportunities to turn their big ideas into reality in shaping the future of pharmacy,” Dean Vassilios Papadopoulos says.

For more information about the Dean’s Innovation Fund, contact Cheryl Stanovich at stanovic@usc.edu.