Wei-Chiang Shen, PhD
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Wei-Chiang ShenPhD

Wei-Chiang ShenPhD

Emeritus Professor, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Wei-Chiang Shen, PhD, published more than 140 papers in different areas of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, and served on the editorial boards of Pharmaceutical Research and The Journal of Drug Targeting. He is a co-inventor of 16 issued U.S. patents in drug delivery and a co-author of the textbook Immunology for Pharmacy Students. He was elected a fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists in 1992 and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2000, and was the grand prize winner of the Eurand Award for Outstanding Novel Research in Oral Drug Delivery in 2002.

Shen obtained his BS in chemistry from Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan, in 1965, and PhD in bio-organic chemistry from Boston University in 1972. After postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School and Brandeis University, he joined Boston University School of Medicine in 1976, initially as an assistant professor and ultimately as an associate professor, in the Departments of Pathology and Pharmacology. In 1987, he moved to Los Angeles to join USC Mann, where he was John A. Biles Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He retired in 2019 and has been granted the honor of emeritus professor of USC Mann.

    Areas of Expertise

    • Delivery
    • Protein Chemistry/Enzymology
    • Cancer Treatment
    • Membranes & Transport
    • Drug Design
    • Education

      Boston University


      Tunghai University


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    • Accomplishments

      Distinguished Alumni Award

      Tunghai University

      Achievement Award,

      Chinese-American Faculty Association of Southern California

      John A. Biles Professorship

      USC School of Pharmacy

      Distinguished Alumni Lecturer

      Tunghai University

      Eurand Award (Grand Prize)

      Outstanding Novel Research in Oral Drug Delivery

    • Patents

      Design of pH-Sensitive Oligopeptide Complexes For Drug Release Under Mildly Acidic Conditions


      2018 The present invention discloses a design for a molecular delivery vehicle capable of delivering a molecular payload to a target cell and its intracellular compartments. Also disclosed are highly pH-sensitive nanoconstruct that takes advantage of the requirement of cationic charge for internalization of CPPs to mask the non-specific internalization, compositions containing nanoconstruct, and methods for forming the same.

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