QSAD Centurion: Decades of Leadership and Support

QSAD, formerly written on almost every prescription, stands for quantum sufficit ad, meaning “as much as is sufficient.” Founded in 1958, QSAD Centurion remains USC Mann’s premier support group. Here, QSAD President Ken Thai, PharmD ’02, offers an update on the group’s focus and recent endeavors.

What role does QSAD Centurion play at USC Mann?

QSAD has always been the school’s premier alumni organization. When I was a student, there was a mystique about the QSAD board. We felt it was something we aspired to be a part of upon graduation. They were raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for endowments, student scholarships and everything else.

Tell us about the 2023 QSAD golf tournament.

We had an amazing response. We sold out within two weeks of announcing the event. That gave us a lot of confidence and momentum.

What would you like people to know about QSAD?

Our board is excellent and they’re willing to pay forward some of the things that USC has done for them. It all starts with the right people. Another key to being successful is to be purposeful and make sure there’s meaning in your work. You also want to have fun and enjoy the process. That’s what we’re trying to combine in QSAD. The Trojan network is so strong and vast. We have great folks within the USC Mann family, and I think even more people want to get involved. The sky’s the limit.

The QSAD Centurion Annual Giving Society is a leadership giving club for alumni, parents and friends who generously support scholarships at USC Mann. Learn more about QSAD and get involved.